ADHD Medication


Once you have been diagnosed with ADHD by a mental health professional, your doctor is likely to recommend treatment with medication. Medication can significantly reduce your ADHD-related symptoms and make your life much easier. The first choice for medication treatments are stimulant medications. Individuals with ADHD have a low amount of dopamine in the frontal part of their brains. Stimulant medications create dopamine, which decreases the symptoms of the disorder.

There have been many new medications released for the treatment of ADHD, however they are all stimulants. The introduction of Straterra was a welcomed announcement to most people, especially those who have children that have been diagnosed with it.

In the past, Ritalin and Adderall have both been considered effective, but a lot of parents have heard some bad rumors about Ritalin and did not want to put their children on a stimulant. Ritalin acts as a type of speed but in people with ADHD, it neutralizes their brains and causes a calming effect. If someone without ADHD were to take Ritalin, it would act as speed to them.

Strattera is not a stimulant. This leaves some people very curious about how it then can be useful for treatment. Straterra is the first and only nonstimulant drug that has been approved by the FDA. This medication can be taken by children or adults and is effective for both. Straterra works differently than the typical stimulant drugs as it is considered a norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor.

The benefits of this medication are that it offers relief for the entire day and well into the evening; it gives continuous symptom improvement over a period, it does not cause insomnia in adults or children, and there is no potential for abuse because it is not a controlled substance.

When referring to treatments that include the use of stimulants, Ritalin, Adderall and Vyvanse generic are most often used to treat ADHD. The stimulants work in this manner; they block the absorption of dopamine and nor epinephrine which are the two brain neurotransmitters. The result is an increase in the transmission of individual neurons. Stimulant drugs have been known to be very effective in decreasing the levels of not being able to pay attention, and they are less distracted and less impulsive. This results in, especially with children, that they are no longer labeled the “different” kids in class as children with ADHD have a tendency to stand out from the others in class mainly because they are fidgety and lack self-control.

The medications that are used to treat are safe and efficient but as with any medication, there can be adverse side effects such as problems with sleeping, stomach aches, headaches, and a loss of appetite, drowsiness, irritability, and nervous tics.

Often parents are fearful of the side effects that this medication can cause, but parents should be made very aware that in most children these are safe and effective drugs that result in no side effects whatsoever. The ADHD medication should be taken as directed and never just to stop administering the drug without first consulting your physician.

There have been especially concerning rumors and stories about Ritalin. They often have heard that it is addictive, it might stunt your child’s growth, or it causes a “zombie” like effect on the child. In fact, these are not true and can be the tools that your child needs to live a normal and productive lifestyle. As always, consult a licensed physician before using any attention deficit disorder drugs.

Because of the nature of ADHD, many individuals who suffer from it have issues with anxiety and depression as well. Some decide to take antidepressants along with their other medications to alleviate their symptoms. Commonly prescribed medications for depression and anxiety are called SSRI antidepressants. Popular types of SSRIs are Prozac, Celexa, Wellbutrin, Effexor, and others. These drugs can be a lifesaver for people who have to deal with mood problems as part of their lives.

It may take a few tries to find the right medication or the right combination of drugs. Do not despair if you do not find the right medication immediately. Although this can be very frustrating, luckily, there are quite a few psychotropic drugs out there that can help. Make sure you are working with an educated and qualified professional and be patient.

A Guide to Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty surgery

Nose surgery, also known as nose reshaping or Rhinoplasty, is one of the most popular operations, both for adult and young individuals, male and female alike. The intervention of nose surgery is usually performed in the region of the nasal pyramid, restoring the original shape of your nose by revamping and repairing any problem or imperfection that you want to fix. Rhinoplasty can also cure deformity and other potential diseases such as septum deviation.

By this surgery, the nose will be transformed and brought very close to your desires, improving the overall appearance of your face. Another advantage is that nose reshaping boosts your confidence. During the pre-Rhinoplasty consultation with the surgeon, he will simulate various models for modifying the appearance of your nose and then decide upon the final shape.

Reshaping is often performed inside the nostrils without leaving any marks or scars. The operation lasts for about 2 to 3 hours and is safer. During the Rhinoplasty, the skin is removed and cartilage is sculpted into the desired shape. Then, a dressing is applied and will be removed after a week. After this, a strip of rigid material will be worn for at least a week. Oedema may last between two to three months after which you will begin to feel normal.

Nose surgery is performed under general anesthesia and patient’s desires are also taken into proper consideration. Hospitalization is required and generally takes up to 48 hours. Nose surgery can take various forms, ranging from one individual to another. For instance, some patients opt for having their nose reshape while others want to polish the line of their nose.

After the surgery, small red scars may appear may appear on the skin because of the fact that inner cells and the blood vessels are exposed to outside air and are exposed to breaking. Slight bleeding is also very normal and should not worry anyone. Shock, physical exercises and fatty food that is hard to swallow and digest are not required during the rest period. The patient may feel swollen in the area around the nose and eyelids. The problem disappears after five to six days. After removing the bandages, nasal washing should be performed and the patient should also avoid scratching his nose.

The most important advantage of the nose surgery is that it helps you look more attractive which in turn improves your confidence and enables you to get more enjoyment and play into your life. The nose is the focal point of the face and all the features of the face rely on it. Thus, if you change the structure of the nose even slightly, you are destined to witness the great improvements in the looks of the face.

Nose surgery also plays an important role in treating old injuries brought about by accidents. It is common for sports people and other people to break their noses during games and accidents. To give a ray of hope to the patient, nose surgery is performed to cure the problem.

People pay more attention to the shape, rather than the size of the nose. After all, having a wide, long and bubbly nose which gives a strange appearance can be quite frustrating. But this is not something you are forced to live with the rest of your life. Nose surgery can correct all such problems.

The next advantage of the nose surgery is that it boosts your self-esteem and confidence. When you have the personality that you always desired, you are bound to be successful in your life. If you are a businessman increased self-esteem results in the better output.

However, in order to get the best result from your nose surgery, you will need to find the right surgeon who you feel understands you and who you feel comfortable discussing your concern. The plastic surgeon must be certified by the Board of Plastic Surgery and should be experienced in delivering nose surgery procedures.

Before undergoing Rhinoplasty procedure, you will have the time to discuss the entire procedure with the surgeon. This is the time when you can ask all the questions about how to prepare and what to expect during surgery, what will be the outcome and what will be the recovery period.

You want to feel easy during your nose surgery and you want to feel confident that you will be getting the nose that will finally make you look great. Rhinoplasty can improve your looks and boost your confidence and esteem.

How Vibration Plates Make Getting Fit Easier

Whole body vibration plates

Most exercise programs require gruelling hours in the gym, strict diets, and sore muscles. Whole body vibration (WBV) has changed that situation forever. For only 10 minutes a day, you can sit down, enjoy your favourite television show or movie, and lose weight in the process. This is not a magic pill. This is science, pure and simple.

The scientific research is in, and it is agreed that whole body vibration plates take advantage of the fact that movement results in increased blood flow, increased blood flow means an increase in your heart rate, and an increased heart rate means burned calories. It is that simple.

Making Time And Space For Fitness

Most fitness equipment is bulky, cumbersome and expensive. While promising great results, many apartment dwellers simply do not have the space available for big exercise systems. Most American homes are packed to the rooftop with memorabilia, furniture, and clothing, leaving little or no extra space for exercise equipment, WBV equipment takes up no more room than a kitchen chair, is lightweight, and easily affordable.

Finding the time to exercise is another problem faced in today’s busy world. Work, home, children, friends, and family all put demands on our time, leaving microscopic for ourselves. By the time you have a few minutes to spare, you are too exhausted to think even about exercising. Again, the WBV machine eliminates this excuse by being a pure vibration plate that you can use as you watch television and unwind from your busy day.

Consistent, Conscious Decisions Work In The Long-Term

You can starve yourself to fit into that bridesmaid dress, beat your body to death in the gym for that high school reunion, and use up every spare moment and ounce of self-control you have available to look your best for that upcoming vacation. Or, you can make consistent, conscious decisions in all of the little things you do to develop a healthier lifestyle and a healthier you.

The number one rule to good fitness is to stay hydrated. If you are not carrying water with you and sipping on it throughout your day, you are probably not getting enough water. Water helps your body function better, eliminate toxins, and reduce wrinkles.

The next conscious and consistent decision you need to make is to include fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Grab a handful of grapes on your way out the door. Keep a bag of carrot sticks in your purse. Make sure you have an apple or orange at your desk. These simple measures will go a long way to creating better health and increased energy levels.

The only other decision you are required make to use consistently the vibration plate on your WBV machine. Park a few spaces further away from the store. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. These efforts will give you the increased circulation and improved health that everyone wants and needs.
How to use vibration plate.

In its most basic form, the user stands on the vibrator plate for 10-15 minutes two to three times a week. One can also combine them with calf stretches, lunges, squats, calf raises, push-ups, sit-up twists and triceps dips for even better results. The workout sessions tend to vary with beginners being advised to exercise for a maximum of ten minutes per session while people who have been using it for a while can use it for 15 minutes.

The sessions should not exceed 30 minutes two to three times a week to avoid overexposure to the vibrations. Alternatively, one can alternate the intensities and speeds of the vibrations on the equipment to prevent overexposure to the vibrations. For best muscle tone and fitness results, the vibration plate should be used in combination with routine exercises.

Advantages of using vibration plate

The vibrations trigger increased activity by the lymph nodes which strengthen your body’s immune system. The muscle stimulation increases blood flow which increases the amount of oxygen getting to your cells the result being increased energy levels.

It also triggers increased production of growth hormones which helps in the repairing of damaged muscles, bones and other tissues. The vibrations also trigger the production of serotonin, the hormone that triggers feelings of happiness and a reduced level of Cortisol, the hormone that triggers feelings of stress and anxiety. This leaves you feeling happy and relaxed after your exercise session.

The vibration plate also increases one’s metabolism which increases the burning of fat and calories by the body leading to weight loss.

It also leads to alleviation of joint pains by strengthening muscles surrounding the joints and increasing blood flow to the joints.

It can be used at home as it does not require a big space for setting up.

It is relatively quiet with the motor only making a slight humming noise which makes it convenient for use even for people who live in apartments with neighbours downstairs.

It delivers more benefits at a shorter period than usual exercises. This makes it ideal for an individual who does not have a lot of time for exercises.

No one can get fit overnight. However, these little steps made daily, in conjunction with the regular use of your vibration plates for fitness to exersize your muscles, increase your circulation, and give your body the water and nutrients you need to be in the best shape possible, will stimulate your muscles, increase your circulation, and give your body the water and nutrients you need to be in the best shape possible

Tips To Help You Improve Sexual Performance

sexual performance

Men are always looking for ways to improve their sexual performance, whether searching for new techniques or improving existing problems like how to get a big dick. Aside from exercise and the usual diet, men are left to speculate and wonder about what they can do to boost their sexual stamina. While there are many male enhancement supplements in the market today, there are simple things you can do to enhance your sexual performance.

Eat well

This basically means eating foods that are rich in nutrients. Men often reduce cholesterol in their diet by avoiding animal products. The downside of doing this is that you will be missing out on nutrients that are important to your overall sexual performance. As a matter of fact, animal protein plays an important role in the development of the brain and nervous system. Foods that are good for the nervous system include meets, oily fish and eggs. Seafood is also a good source of zinc, a nutrient for manliness.

Good circulation translates to good sex

While exercising regularly is important in improving sexual performance, men should strive to maintain the right body size. Medical experts use body mass index or BMI as a unit of measurement for healthy weight. The downside of using BMI to determine how fit men are is that it does not take into account the mass of lean muscle, which weighs more than body fat. This means that a man may be obese based on his body mass index but has a low percentage of fat.

So, how can a man measure his fitness? A man’s waist should be less than 40 inches. This reduces your risk heart diseases, which affect your sexual performance. Depending on your body frame, the waist should be around 32 inches. Cardiovascular exercise and strength training are as important as eating a balanced diet.

The Kegel’s Exercise

The pubococcygeal muscle forms a figure eight shape around the base of your penis. This muscle is important in helping you to achieve and maintain an erection, or to put it in simpler terms to help you stay hard. If you don’t use it, you will lose it. This muscle can weaken in both men and women if it is not exercised. Exercising your pubococcygeal muscles leads to firmer erection.

The exercise involves contracting the muscle and holding for 5 minutes before releasing. You will need to repeat the process 10 times and ensure that you do a minimum of 5 sets a day.

This exercise restores strength and tone in you pubococcygeal muscle. If you are still unsure, you can ask you health care provider if you are doing it correctly.

The male genitalia has more than the penis and testicles

For a long time, the prostate has been overlooked in terms of men’s health. The organ plays the vital role of secreting prostate fluid, one of semen’s vital components. As a matter of fact, prostate fluid makes up 70 percent of semen.

Prostate massage

This technique is increasingly becoming popular as researchers have discovered that it increases the efficacy of antibiotics used to treat chronic prostatitis. Many people have found prostate message effective where other treatments have failed. This massage technique eases symptoms, improves blood circulation to the prostate, boosts sexual stamina and promotes bladder health.

Prostate massage is often used as a therapeutic strategy to improve circulation to the prostate gland. To relieve symptoms of chronic prostatitis, you will need to do this 1 to 3 times a week. Some data has also proven that prostate massage can treat premature ejaculation. If you are not experiencing any symptoms and want to enjoy the benefits of prostate massage then once a week to twice a month is enough to improve prostate health.

Note: Before you resort to prostate massage as way of improving sexual performance, it is important to ensure that you don’t have acute prostatitis as this can lead to severe infection. You will also need to find a trained massage therapist to perform this special technique.

There are many things that can influence your sexual performance. These factors have a direct effect on your health as they affect the activity of your heart. For the penis to function well, it needs sufficient supply of oxygen. You will not last longer in bed if there is anything that’s interfering with circulation of blood in your body. This means that you have to be healthy to improve your sexual performance.